Are You Struggling With Fatigue and Chronic Back Pain?

This is the journey of Frances Byrd; student at Training for Warriors Athens

Training for Warriors Athens Georgia

Life for Frances, before she started TFW Athens, was filled with fatigue, a lack of endurance, and chronic back pain.

Frances is a local artist that was struggling with fatigue, a lack of endurance and chronic back pain due to severe scoliosis. She was initially looking for a gym that had a kickboxing program. She was unhappy with her choices while living in Gwinnett, “all of the gyms in my area/price range were glam gyms.” She was turned off by the “dress to impress” women and “meatheads who were in the gym to show off.” The trainers cared more about the number of appointments they had rather than the quality of their coaching.

Upon moving closer to the Athens area she reached out to SBG and learned of TFW Athens. Since her time here she has found a significant increase in cardiovascular endurance, increased strength, and improved posture.

The thing that has impressed her most is how Coach Whitney worked with her to recognize her limitations due to her scoliosis. In the past lifting weights and working on core exercises caused her a lot of pain. The help from Coach Whitney, along with “listen[ing] to my body and make[ing] adjustments to movements when necessary to improve my workouts”, enabled her to work harder than ever before. This has led her to rarely have any back pain in or outside of the gym.

Here are the top three tips that helped Frances transform:

  1. Increased water consumption
  2. Increased fresh fruit and vegetable consumption
  3. Listen to your body and work with your coaches to find solutions

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