Struggling With Nutrition And Knowing What To Do?

This is the story of Jenna Picklesimer, member of TFW Athens, wife, mother, and professional.
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Before joining TFW, Jenna thought she would find results in fad diets, long distance cardio, and zero strength training. “Clearly I was wrong and I needed to change how I viewed nutrition and food”, she said.

With her son already enrolling in SBG Athens’ Growing Gorillas Martial Arts and Youth Enrichment Program and a husband looking to begin training martial arts, Jenna was pleased to have found a place for her entire family.

In the past, Jenna was a member of other gyms in Athens, Ga. “I would go (sometimes) and have absolutely no clue what to do except run on the treadmill. Even if I wanted to do anything else, I wouldn’t know how”, she explained frustratingly.

The personal relationships with both her coaches and teammates is what she believes truly makes TFW Athens different from the other programs in town. It’s what was missing and made it easier to quit going to her other gyms. The encouragement she gets from both her coaches and teammates is like nothing else.

“I will never forget my first day, and how bad I was struggling. Not a single person ever made me feel like I don’t belong- everyone was great. Even recently when I was last finishing- another member chose to do extra and finish with me. You will not find that anywhere else but TFW Athens.”

Having lost 37.5 pounds since beginning the program in November 2018, Jenna has also gained muscle and reduced her BMI. She knows she has more to accomplish and looks forward to losing more weight and getting even healthier.

Jenna would like to share some things that have made a huge difference:

  • The food/nutrition help is key. If you just listen and act, you will be successful. As the coaches always say, “The system works, if you work the system.”
  • The classes are so great- it’s not the same thing ever- it truly can be fun.
  • Every single coach has been willing to help, and answer any questions I have had.

“I cannot thank you enough for everything SBG/TFW has done for us so far!”

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