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This is the story of Stephanie Kosloske, member of the Training for Warrior program at SBG Athens.
Training for Warriors Athens Ga
Stephanie struggled with sustaining progress before joining SBG.

Wanting to get into shape, Stephanie recounts falling into a familiar pattern. She would start a workout program and struggle to stay with it. She began a number of different workout programs over the years in a number of different settings, even hiring a personal trainer, but she “missed the energy of working [out] in a group,” she says. Stephanie tried group classes at other gyms, but she describes feeling like “another number” in the crowd.

SBG/TFW Athens provided Stephanie the “energy” she wanted from working out in a group, but added something else. Stephanie found the gym as part of an online search. She feared that she might fall into her usual routine of losing interest after seeing initial success. She found, however, that the Training for Warrior coaches (and her training partners) stressed accountability. Each workout, Stephanie is challenged to keep showing up and keep improving. She does not have to be alone and bear all of the responsibility of motivating herself.

Stephanie has now stuck with her workout routine at SBG/TFW for three years. She says that her coaches have made sure that her goals and the technique for her workouts are clear. She no longer feels intimidated to take on new challenges or worries that she will be able to persevere. In her words: “Now I am not just another face in the crowd […] I am part of the SBG/TFW family and they care that I come to class and stay motivated!”

Here are three tips that Stephanie wants to share:

  1. Push yourself when you think you can’t do anymore. Your brain says stop before your body does.
  2. Change your thinking—replace “I don’t have time” with “it’s not a priority.” This trick will make you reevaluate your actions, not only getting to the gym but in other aspects of life as well.
  3. Keep moving—it’s really hard to get started if you come to a complete stop. If you keep moving, even if it’s very slowly, it will be easier to push yourself to do more.

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