Are you Insecure, Lacking Confidence, and Full of Anxiety?

This is the journey of Melody; 41 years old, mother, middle school teacher, and student at Training for Warriors Athens.
 Training for Warriors Athens Ga
Life before TFW was filled with insecurities, a lack of confidence, and anxiety medication.

Melody begins by saying, “I don’t know why, but I think it’s often the case that females feel a little uncomfortable in our own skin.  Maybe it’s our perceived imperfections, or a lack of confidence. Maybe I feel like I’m too fat, or too tall, or I’m too this or too that.”

Melody’s first class came during buddy week by invitation of a friend and member of the program. She is 100% certain she would never have walked in the gym for the first time without a friend. Since that time, Melody is a constant fixture in class. In any given week she can be found sprinting, squatting, deadlifting, cheering on her teammates, and getting after it.

Melody speaks about how strong females are encouraged; celebrated even. “Our coaches tell us to stop apologizing and walk like you own the earth,” she says. Although she can’t quite explain how meeting the small physical challenges translates into confidence in all aspects of her life, “I just know that it does,” she says.

Instead of imperfections, she now sees an hourglass shape, as well as definition in her legs, arms, and shoulders. She feels strong and walks proud and tall.

I leave you with the top three (or four) tips that helped Melody transform:

  1. “Show up and do something.” Coach Rory
  2. Fear is a liar – (that little voice that tells you that you can’t do something is a liar)
  3. “Walk like you own this earth.” Coach Adam
  4. “Stop saying you are sorry.” Coach Steve***

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